Enclosed Transport
DW transport is well known for its prompt and reliable rare car transport and international car transport services. We are well equipped to handle both one off delivery service and all your fleet requirements throughout UK and Europe. Over the years we have gained experience and knowledge and are now one of the best classic car transporters in the UK. When it comes to rare car transport and international car transport, we understand that these vehicles are very valuable and need special care during transport. As classic car transporters we know that a classic car can lose its value considerably even if it has a minor damage and as such are very careful when we undertake rare car transport and international car transport.

For customers who would like to go for complete safety during transport of their classic cars, we recommend the option of enclosed transport. Enclosed trailers for rare car transport and international car transport ensures that your vehicle will arrive at the destination in the exact same condition as it was when it was loaded for delivery. Our enclosed trailers are one of the best and are designed to keep you car protected from weather conditions, exhaust fumes of vehicles on the road and any flying debris like rock chips and overhanging tree limbs that can damage your classic car. Our enclosed trailers are modern and hi-tech and are equipped with the latest satellite navigation technology and mobile phones. With the help of this communication technology, it is easy for